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Here at evcoms we pride ourselves with providing as much information necessary to help you make the best choices for your business. Here our some of the FAQ’s, please contact us for more information we are always happy to answer any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Workforce Optimisation?

Workforce Optimisation (WFO) is a series of business processes and seamlessly integrated solutions. They aim to optimise employee efficiency and productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

It includes contact centre technologies such as Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management, Performance Management, Analytics and Compliance Recording.

The main benefits of implementing WFO software for your contact centre include:
  • effective staff scheduling.
  • accurate workload forecasting.
  • increased employee performance.
  • better customer experiences.
  • industry regulations compliance
  • access to key customer interaction data
What is Workforce Management and how it can help me enhance my team’s productivity?

Workforce Management (WFM) is a component of WFO that focuses on achieving better operational efficiency. Through effective forecasting, scheduling and tracking tools. In other words, it ensures the right skilled employees are available to serve your customers in time across multiple channels of communications.

A workforce management solution can help you create accurate forecasts of future workloads. For all the interaction channels your customers use and generate flexible staff schedules that take into consideration a variety of factors such as skill levels, service levels, employee availability, and demand.

Moreover, you can quickly check if your employees adhere to the schedules you have created and get real-time updates regarding shift adjustments.

How can digital transformation help me improve the customer experience?

Nowadays, most customers prefer to use a variety of modern channels of communications—such as email, webchats, and social media—which are much more convenient than the classic phone call.

That’s why the next generation contact centre needs to be able to efficiently implement an omnichannel approach, while delivering high-quality interactions across different platforms. This can be a real challenge if you don’t have the right technology in place—and the right partner— to help you solve customer requests in time. Keep your employees motivated and deliver better experiences.

How can we help?

There’s no secret that digital transformation sits at the heart of customer experience innovation. It allows you to improve foresting and scheduling activities, automate mundane tasks, analyse large sets of data and develop accurate predictions for customer journey personalisation.

And this is only to name a few of those key benefits that could help your business grow and make your team’s work (and life) much easier. Contact us today to see how you can transform your customer service capabilities with first-class contact centre technology.

How do I know which vendor has the best solution for my contact centre?

Our consultancy services enable us to discuss the client’s needs. understand how their current system works, discover issues that hold them back from reaching their goals and uncover optimisation opportunities.

evcoms holds technical and sales accreditations from industry-leading vendors. Such as Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, NICE, and Verint. As your digital transformation partner, our primary focus is to enhance your existing system through modern and responsive contact centre technologies fit to satisfy the requests of digital-savvy customers.

Our team of experts keeps up to date with the latest contact centre technologies. This way, we can help our clients drive better outcomes and impressive customer experiences with every interaction.

Is a cloud-based solution better than an on-premise one?

Cloud-based solutions can help you safely and securely scale your business at a minimal cost while allowing your employees to work remotely. All the technical aspects are outsourced to a team of experts, which takes care of updates and quickly solves any issues that might arise.

The transition to the cloud enables you to streamline your customer service operations and deliver superior customer experiences by having access to the latest features and emerging technologies on the market. You’ll not only be able to meet regulatory and legal compliance requirements, but also you’ll be able to improve contact centre uptime and customer privacy.

Cloud migrations are our speciality. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll take care of everything.