verint monet

evcoms have partnered with Verint to deliver Verint Monet Workforce Management. Our team is focused on the Verint product suite and we support a large and recognised customer base across financial, insurance and retail sectors. With the introduction of Verint Monet, this has allowed evcoms to offer a recognised and reliable way for our customers to manage their workforce.

evcoms’ mission is to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Our team is dedicated to customer success and we see Monet as an integral part of achieving this success.

Verint Monet provides the main pillars of WFM:

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Verint Monet Forecasting

Daily & Long Term with ability to make easy adjustments before, during and after generating a forecast.

Monet WFO Scheduling

The ability to create rosters against skill groups to meet SLA.

Real Time Adherence

An RTA window is available can be customised using colour codes. It also provides alerting and notifications.

Monet WFO Reporting

Detailed Performance Metrics (KPI’s) are available with a wide range of out of the box reporting that can be exported to xls, pdf, csv or viewed right in the browser and can be scheduled to run and sent automatically to an email address of your choice.

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