NICE Engage

Formerly called NICE Interaction Management, the NICE Engage Platform is a revolutionary and innovative platform that enables your organisation to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership while still ensuring that 100% of interactions are recorded. Industry leading, secure omnichannel recording and interaction management platform, NICE Engage makes it easy to record and manage 100% of interactions across multiple channels and data sources.

NICE Engage is:

Cloud ready
Highly dependable
Trustwave certified for PCI-DSS and HIPPA
Highly scalable
Flexible, resilient, and future proof
Ready for any channel, now and future

Playback Portal

NICE Playback Portal is the game changing solution that completely eliminates the challenges of upgrade and consolidation. Designed to facilitate smooth upgrades to the NICE Engage Platform, Playback Portal provides a single, straightforward point of access – from within Engage itself – to recorded interactions from multiple legacy systems. Users can query and playback both historical calls and their latest interactions, seamlessly and coherently. There is no longer a need to migrate databases or alter outdated solutions to communicate with one another, dramatically cutting the time and complexity of an upgrade to NICE Engage.

Playback Portal

Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM)

NICE Workforce Management is a cloud-based management suite designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, across all industries. By leveraging embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, users can identify patterns, develop accurate forecasts and generate a variety of reports.

NICE Analytics

Nice takes a comprehensive approach to analytics that is based on the ability to analyse both unstructured and structured data, come from all touchpoints of the customer journey and data systems. 

NICE CXOne Analytics is focusing on three main key areas:

How organisations generate insight – providing automated, consistent, easy to understand drivers and root causes
How organisations predict intent taking a proactive approach that is based on customers next expected actions
How organisations operationalise allowing simple but powerful tools to take action and bring insight and prediction to the front customer service lines and the back office.

NICE Analytics

Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

(RPA) Robotic process automation is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that imitate human actions interacting with digital systems and software. It automates repetitive tasks across systems and applications on physical or virtual machines. 

Attended RPA

Attended RPA also known as Robotic Desktop Automation is where automation can be carried out at the desktop level. The robot can do some procedures and then hand control back to the user if a decision requires their input. Attended bots can run on desktops, private servers or in the cloud.  

Unattended RPA

These are executed without user intervention. They are usually used to perform batch operations and operate on a pre-set schedule or are triggered by logic in the process flow. 

evcoms have solutions that deliver both desktop (attended) and server-side (unattended) automations so that employees can focus on productivity, not processing.

You first have to know what can and should be automated? evcoms will help you :

map employee activities and processes and identify where automation is the key to immediate and long-term optimisation.
direct your workforce to more critical tasks that involve human interaction
Integrate with leading solutions for analytics, workforce optimisation and case management 

RPA seamlessly integrates with leading solutions for analytics, workforce optimisation and case management for maximum value and innovation. 

evcoms and RPA

Benefits of using RPA

Saves time and money

It can free up your workforce to concentrate on more critical and decision making tasks

It wil improve productivity

Removes human error from the equation and improves consistency

Leads to a more productive organisation