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Here at evcoms we might have the solution for you. We are dedicated to helping contact centres all around the world enhance their customer satisfaction and employee engagement across multiple channels and touchpoints throughout the entire interaction.

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Mark Evans, CEO

Our Services


Workforce Optimisation

Get a complete toolset including call compliance, WFM, WFO, quality management, and advanced analytics and reporting features to capture and harness your customer interaction data and transform it into success stories.

Optimise forecasting, scheduling, and planning for a multi-skill remote workforce and ensure the right number of people with the required skills are available whenever customers need them most, across all channels.

Improve employee engagement and retention with modern and intuitive tools that make your team’s work easier and more rewarding.

Unified Communications

Leverage our over 20 years of expertise in the communication industry and get a customised cloud-based solution that encompasses all your business needs from basic contact centre capabilities to audio and video conferencing, email and text messaging.

Enhance responsiveness across customer interaction channels with the help of our team that will assess and optimise your existing solutions.


Cloud Migration

Maximise the advantages of cloud contact centre technology and gain more flexibility as the needs of your business change. Get ready to transition to the cloud within no more than 48 hours with the help of our cloud migration experts and start delivering next-level customer experiences.

Expand your digital capabilities with cloud-based applications and solutions that can help you mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency in a remote work environment.

Robotic Process Automation

Transform your customers’ experience and boost employee productivity by automating tedious tasks. evcoms helps you map employee activities and processes and identify where automation is essential for immediate and long-term optimisation.

Drive better outcomes and solve customer issues faster through seamless integrations with industry-leading solutions for analytics, workforce optimisation and case management.


Let’s Work Together

Looking for a top-tier WFO solution that checks all requirements from compliance recording, WFM, quality management and customer interaction analytics?

evcoms aims to simplify customer engagement for contact centres by designing, deploying and supporting user-friendly, secure, and scalable solutions. Our team now stretches across five countries and three continents as we provide 24/7 support to all our clients.

evcoms was shortlisted for three Tech Excellence Awards in 2019 which proves our deep commitment to quality and innovation.

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