AnnouncementsBlogEventsOctober 14, 20220evcoms at the UC EXPO in London

evcoms were represented at the the UC EXPO. Our CEO Mark Evans and Sales Director Glen Thompson headed to London this week to make an appearance.

The event manifesto: “Our purpose at UC EXPO is simple… to help you on your unified communications & collaboration journey! We connect the dots to save you time and help you to make the best decisions. We provide access to hundreds of experts who will light the path to success.”

evcoms specialise in assisting customers Digital Transformation projects. Businesses know transformation is inevitable, but it comes with a set of challenges, which can be used as an opportunity to improve.

At the UCX the team met customers, businesses and strategic partners promoting our views and learning from the experience of others through expert speakers and exhibitors on everything unified communications. We also managed to have some fun along the way – looking at cool stuff!

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