AnnouncementsMay 30, 20230evcoms has partnered with Five9

evcoms is thrilled to announce our partnership with Five9, a significant milestone for our company. Collaborating with William IrvineGeorge Steed, and Rhys Dunn, we have worked to integrate Five9 technology into our portfolio and enhance our practice. Our approach involves a comprehensive technology review in relation to the current market, our customer base, and future advancements. Five9 have demonstrated their commitment to partnerships and impressed us with their approach.

We firmly believe that large organizations recognize the significance of innovation and the adoption of technological solutions. As a trusted advisor to these organizations, we understand the importance of conducting rigorous due diligence. Therefore, at evcoms, we evaluate the features, functionality, product roadmap, and security aspects of the solutions and we can now provide our current and future customers with the Five9 CCaaS solutions.

To further strengthen our partnership, our team attended the Five9 CX Summit held in Porto, Portugal. We believe that establishing strong partnerships with world-leading vendors is a crucial factor for success in today’s highly competitive landscape. Our customers can now have access to this innovative technology, expertise, and resources, enabling their businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


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