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No matter where your employees are, evcoms has you covered


While Microsoft Teams offers native compliance and recording features, NICE NTR-X can provide additional benefits, especially for organizations with stringent compliance requirements or complex communication ecosystems. With NTR-X, evcoms can offer more extensive coverage, flexibility, and advanced capabilities to help organizations meet their compliance and regulatory obligations effectively.

If your organization primarily uses Microsoft Teams as its unified communications (UC) platform, you might wonder whether there is a need for additional compliance recording. While Microsoft Teams does offer some native compliance and recording features, there are several reasons why you might still consider using NICE NTR-X from evcoms:


  • Regulatory Compliance: There may be specific regulatory requirements governing the recording and retention of communications and transactions. NICE NTR-X provides more comprehensive compliance features tailored to these regulations, ensuring full compliance with industry-specific rules.


  • Multi-Channel Recording: NICE NTR-X can often record communication channels beyond just voice and video calls, such as chats, emails, and other messaging platforms. This comprehensive recording capability ensures that all relevant interactions are captured and archived, providing a complete compliance picture.


  • Enhanced Search and Retrieval: NICE NTR-X offers advanced search and retrieval capabilities. This can make it easier to locate specific communications quickly, which is crucial during audits or when responding to legal requests.


  • Scalability: NICE NTR-X offers greater scalability and flexibility for organizations with complex compliance recording needs. It can handle larger data volumes and adapt to changing compliance requirements more effectively than native Teams recording features.


  • Integration: NICE NTR-X can integrate with a wide range of UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams. This integration can provide a unified compliance recording solution that consolidates data from multiple communication channels and platforms, simplifying management and reporting.


  • Data Security: NICE NTR-X offers additional security features and controls to protect recorded data, including encryption and access controls. This helps ensure that sensitive information remains confidential and secure.


  • Advanced Analytics: NICE NTR-X includes advanced analytics and reporting tools that can help organisations gain deeper insights into communication trends, employee behaviour, and compliance issues.


  • Retention Policies: NICE NTR-X offers more flexible retention policies, allowing you to customize how long recorded data is stored to align with your organisation’s compliance and data management requirements.


  • Audit Trails: NICE NTR-X provides detailed audit trails and logs, enhancing transparency and accountability in compliance activities.


  • Third-Party Verification: Some industries require third-party verification of recorded communications, which NICE NTR-X can facilitate.


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