BlogJuly 3, 20230Who Are We?

evcoms is a leading technology service provider headquartered in Ireland, with operations spanning across the UK and other regions. As an Avaya partner, evcoms specializes in offering comprehensive support and services for numerous large Avaya sites throughout Ireland and the UK. Furthermore, evcoms remains committed to assisting clients with legacy Nortel solutions, ensuring seamless integration and continued functionality.

One of evcoms’ notable achievements is its status as an award-winning Verint Platinum Partner. This recognition highlights the company’s exceptional expertise and proficiency in implementing and supporting Verint solutions, which are renowned for their advanced capabilities in areas such as customer engagement, workforce optimization, and security intelligence.

Additionally, evcoms is a trusted partner of NICE, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions. With strong in-house technical abilities, evcoms is well-equipped to offer comprehensive support and implementation services for NICE products, empowering organizations to enhance their customer interactions and overall operational efficiency.

Being an agile service provider, evcoms prioritizes flexibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of its clients. The company’s commitment to agility allows them to swiftly respond to changes in technology and business requirements, ensuring that clients receive efficient and effective solutions.

In terms of pricing, evcoms is known for its highly competitive service offerings. By delivering exceptional value for money, evcoms ensures that clients can benefit from cutting-edge technology solutions and top-notch support without compromising their budgets.

Overall, evcoms stands out as a reputable and reliable technology service provider, with a strong presence in Ireland, the UK, and beyond. Its partnerships with industry-leading companies like Avaya, Verint, and NICE, combined with its technical expertise, agility, and competitive pricing, position evcoms as a trusted choice for organizations seeking comprehensive technology services and support.


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