evcoms Exports Legacy Call Recording Data

evcoms have successfully exported  legacy recording call and metadata from old recording systems from 1992 and 1998. The bespoke system was developed with our partners to interface with legacy systems that had Win 3.1, Win NT, Win 2000 and Win 2003 interfaces along with Access 95\97 and Sql 7 and Sql 2000 Databases. The issue...

evcoms Wins Top Industry Award With Partners Glantus

At this 2018’s Tech Excellence Awards, the mobility project completed by evcoms with our partner Glantus was nominated for Vertical Market Specialist of the Year, and won! The jury recognized the teams expertise in the specialized integration – beating out some stiff competition from major players in the space.

evcoms Launches Assist 365

We are delighted to launch our very own Assist 365 a different type of knowledge management with with uses a mixture of Robotics and Knowledge management to become a Virtual PA to every single Agent in your organization. At its launch in London Mark Evans CEO of evcoms was quoted as saying. “This is an...

evcoms Completes Integration With Verint 15.2

evcoms have completed the integration of a Verint 15.2 solution to allow API integration to allow immediate ingestion of calls or texts recorded on a mobile device outside of the network into the Verint system. The call or text is recorded inserted and playable with 1 minute regardless of the location of the mobile phone...

evcoms Integrates Mobility Solution With Redbox

evcoms have integrated a mobility solution into the Redbox call recording solution. The solution deployed by evcoms allows for interactions to be quickly integrated from a mobile device into a Redbox solutions and works for calls and texts. The calls can then be mined for speech analytics purposes.

evcoms Integrates With NICE Engage

evcoms have completed the ingestion of calls and texts from a mobile platform into a NICE Engage system. This allows for data recorded outside of the NICE system to be playback on the NICE system to give the customer one view off all interactions regardless of the medium it was originally recorded on.